Looking for Gel Nail Manicures? Fort McMurray’s Orange Lily Hair & Body Studio Have You Covered

Add a little flare with beautiful gel nails. Orange Lily Hair & Body Studio offers a variety of gel nail polish options. You can mix and match colours and styles, try fun intricate designs and patterns, or just settle on a bold and expressive colour. Gel nails are basically extensions of your nails that use a hard gel product that is hardened under ultraviolet or L.E.D. lighting. They are made to mimic your natural nails and last far longer than traditional nail polish. Gel nail manicures at our Fort McMurray beauty salon makes it easy to complete your whole look.

Benefits of Gel Nails
Why choose gel nails? They offer many advantages:

  • Long-lasting polish – Gel nails are the better investment compared to traditional polish. The coating lasts much longer before the polish begins to chip.
  • Dry instantly – You won’t have to worry about smearing or smudging your nail polish. Gel nails dry quickly while you wait at the salon. 
  • Customizable – Gel nails give you the opportunity to try different designs and colours that normal nail polish can’t accomplish. 
  • Natural looking – If you want natural looking nail extensions, gel nails are your best option.

See what everyone’s talking about. Try gel nails by booking an appointment with Orange Lily Hair & Body Studio.

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